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Areas of Expertise

Pre-Marital Counseling

Our Pre-Marital Coaching program is designed to help couples set realistic expectations in their relationship and prepare for a successful marriage. We offer 8-12 weeks of personalized coaching to ensure that couples are on the same page and have the necessary tools to build a strong, healthy relationship.

Marriage Coaching

Every couple experiences discomfort within their relationship at some point. As partners grow individually and together, many changes can occur that can lead to a disruption in the connection between you two. Disagreements are normal, but can often feel threatening to the relationship if not handled in a healthy, loving, and empathetic way. Great communication can positively influence the severity and frequency of growing pains. In session, my role is to teach effective communication skills that help each partner develop a deeper understanding for one another. The success of your relationship is the blue print that we co-create together. Let's work!

Dating & Relationship Coaching

Dating & Relationship coaching is for couples and individuals who want direct advice and session flexibility on issues where ongoing therapy is not necessary or appropriate. As a Couples Coach, I provide short-term, expert support on immediate and current issues such as dating support and none severe relationship hiccups. Each client has the freedom to book sessions as needed without obligation. Unlike therapy, coaching sessions get you the answers and results you need much faster. 

My Approach

My Approach

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